• What is WebGallery?
    • WebGallery is a simple software for easy creating online and
    • offline web galleries. Every image can be described and later
    • searched by its description. It stores all needed information
    • about the gallery in a separate XML file, which is read and
    • visualised in web browser.
    • It automaticly generates image thumbnails and if requested -
    • resizes big images ready for web publishing.
    • Every gallery is easy edited, so one can add or remove images
    • in a matter of a click.
    • Currently, only IE 5.0 and higher is supported.
  • Why WebGallery?
    • WebGallery is a very useful tool for digital camera owners.
    • It can organise in albums a huge amount of images, which can
    • be searched by various parameters. With WebGallery it's easy
    • to find "all pictures of me and my dog, which I made 2 years
    • ago in China"
screen shots
Here are some screen shots from Webgallery
Creating a web gallery is easy
Searching in all local web galleries
Click here to see some sample album generated with WebGallery.
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Current version is 1.01
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  • Atanas Koev [mail]
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    • Online XML
    • Webdesign
  • Alex Stanev [mail] [web]
    • Delphi programming
    • Author side XML
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